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Healthy Snacks that are Surprisingly Bad for your Teeth

Eating healthier is a goal many of us have, but there are a number of foods that, while good for our bodies, are terrible for our teeth.Here are...

Archer Dental Named One of the Best in Toronto!

According to an article posted on, Dr. Archer’s Rosedale Family Dental Care practice has been voted one of the best in the...

Dr. Archer’s Presentation at the Parkinson Society of Canada Etobicoke Division

Dr. Archer recently did a presentation on DEAR (Dental Elder Abuse Response) at the Parkinson Society Canada Etobicoke division where she talked...

The DEAR Project Featured in The Mosaic Newsletter

A two page spread about the DEAR Project was featured in the 2014 Spring Issue of The Mosaic Newsletter by the Canadian Association of Public...

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The recently renovated facilities at Rosedale Family Dental Care provide a comfortable, spa-like feeling to the experience.

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