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Video: Tour the recently renovated facility!

If you haven’t been in to see us recently, you have to see what we’ve done to the place. Take a video tour of the recent upgraded...
Dr. Natalie Archer in Toronto, Archer Dental, 1 Oct 2013

Dr. Archer Renovates and Creates Archer Dental

Post by Robert Campbell on Oct 8, 2013 I don’t know if you’ve been by Rosedale Family Dental Care lately, but Toronto dentist Dr....
Rogers Daytime TV host Melanie Case and Dr Natalie Archer on Barrie cable TV

Dr. Archer Shares Helpful Oral Hygiene Tips on Rogers Daytime Television

Toronto dentist Dr. Natalie Archer was interviewed live on Rogers Daytime on the morning of Thursday Feb 7th 2013, in Barrie, Ontario.  In a ten...
ODA website, dentist finder tool,

Find Me A Dentist, The Business of Finding A Dentist on the Web

Canadians searching for a nearby dentist on the internet soon discover lots of dental finder services eager to help them find one.  These local...

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The recently renovated facilities at Rosedale Family Dental Care provide a comfortable, spa-like feeling to the experience.

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